por Vough

How did you come this far? And you just do not realize how tall you are standing now. Nonchalantly walking downstreet, following the current. Going forward pushed by the wind, as graceful as you are. I can’t feel enough love for you. It is not enough. I could feel these emotions eternally. I imagine myself, being seventy, with weak arms, but warm hands, and still capable of touching you. My heart sings everytime my eyes are blessed with your image and your presence. My love for you is evergreen, however, and unfortunately, life is deciduous and shall not let me live enough to love you as much time as I would like to. Someday I would like to feel reciprocation from you. I would like to walk by our side, I would like to watch the same movie, get wet with the same raindrops and hear the same music. You help me unfold my inner wings, and make sparkles inside me I have never felt before. I would love to never stop feeling that way though. You let me write the book I would love to publish alive. By your side. I find your methodology exhilarating, and your company utterly warming. You help melting the frost covering my members from being unused and frozen from cold in the past. Your genuinity makes my bones want to dance from joy without any shame. And I know that I would dance, whether I am nineteen or I am seventy; whether my bones were or were not capable to do so. You enlighten my inside with the happiness I have been lurking since always. You extend my life as every second I can share near your body is taken into account unconsciously by my heart. My memories will never be the same and they will perish knowing that life has not been in vain because of you, of your contribution to my persona; because you helped me develop feelings I never thought of before, and you showed me how joyful and awesome life is. And my gratitude towards you is and will be irredeemable. My body will be one day seventy, my strenght will be reduced, nevertheless my feelings will always be like if they never faded out. My heart will remain nineteen because of you. My joy and happiness will be forever nineteen.